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KeraSoy Pillar Wax Blend

incl. VAT £5.57 - £78.96

- Natural

- Vegan

- Cruelty Free

- Non-Toxic

- Biodegradable 

- Made in the UK


Please note this wax comes in either flakes or pellets.

incl. VAT £5.57 - £78.96

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KeraSoy Pillar Blend Candle Wax Information (4120)

Kerasoy Soy Pillar wax is a new wax that has been developed by Kerax and it is very easy to use. It is a blend of soy and other natural waxes, that has been specifically designed to be used in free-standing candles and wax melts. Candle makers like it because it works very well with colours and it also has excellent mould-release properties. Kerasoy Pillar wax can also be blended with soluble oil dyes as well as fragrance oils. This wax blend is Vegan friendly and it is also biodegradable. The wax does not contain any animal products and no testing on animals has taken place during its manufacture. One of the great things about KeraSoy Pillar Blend wax is that it does not need additives unless you may want to add your own colour or fragrance. Old Kerasoy Pillar candles can be melted down and reused but remember not to heat the wax for too long or take it above 85°C. Also remember to store your Kerasoy Pillar wax in a dry, cool location that is out of sunlight and avoid direct heat and moisture.

Containers For KeraSoy Pillar Blend Wax

When preparing your container moulds for your KeraSoy Pillar Blend wax you must make sure that they are contaminant free and clean. Also make sure that your containers are at room temperature - some candle makers prefer to pre-heat their containers to between 45 - 50°C.

Colour/Dyes For KeraSoy Pillar Blend Wax Candles

KeraSoy Pillar is a great wax to use as most candle dyes work with it - liquid dyes powder candle dyes, block dyes and chips. If you are working with powder dyes you must heat up the KeraSoy Pillar wax to around 75°C. Then you can add the powder dye to the wax and mix it until the dye has completely dissolved. You can also dissolve powder dyes in your fragrance first and then add them both to the melted wax. If you do this you must take care and ensure that the dye has dissolved completely before you add it to the wax. If you use powder dyes that you have dissolved in fragrance, colour blocks or liquid dyes, you must heat the wax to 70°C. Then if you want to have a richer/darker candle you should add some black dye to the colour that you have chosen.

Adding Fragrance to KeraSoy Pillar Blend Wax

Kerax have developed their KeraSoy Pillar Blend wax to take fragrance oils at levels between 5 - 10%. Scents Soaps and Candles have developed a range of fragrance oils that are ideal to use with KeraSoy Pillar wax. When working with KeraSoy Pillar wax you must remember that the burn pool size and also the depth depth can affect the fragrance throw and so it is very important to get the correct wicking. It is important to test your fragrances as you may find that some may result in poor flame quality, bleeding poor surface finishes. This can be a problem if you use fragrance oils that are meant to be used specifically in Paraffin wax candles.

Wicking Your KeraSoy Pillar Blend Wax

You will find that your KeraSoy Pillar Blend wax will need bigger wick sizes than the wicks that you use with paraffin waxes. When deciding which wick to us for your Pillar wax you need to take into account what colour you are going to use, what fragrance you will use as well as candle configuration. If you use a wick that is too big you may end up getting sooting. Too big a wick size can also cause your candle to burn too quickly (accelerated burn time) and it may also lead to the wax leaking through the side of the candle (guttering). However, if you choose a wick that is too small this can result in a smaller flame size and also lead to tunneling. When working with KeraSoy Pillar Blend wax you should trim the candle wicks to ¼ inch. If you find that the candle has a poor flame and lacks stability you should retest using a different type of wick. Remember not to carry out any test burning until at least 48 hours after the candles have been poured.

Melting Your KeraSoy Pillar Wax

When melting your KeraSoy Pillar wax you can use high temperatures (up to 90°C) and not damage the wax as long as you cool the wax back down quickly. If you use too high a temperature it may cause the wax to discolour. You must let the KeraSoy Pillar wax cool down to the pour temperature that you want and then you should add your fragrance oil and mix it into the wax. Remember that you must mix the wax during the melting process. Do not use pillars that contain zinc or copper as this can cause discolouration. Most candle makers prefer to use Stainless Steel containers to melt their wax. In recent years digital temperature probes have become very popular as they are so accurate and easy to use.

Pouring Your KeraSoy Pillar Blend Wax

Pour temperatures will depend upon what the candle maker wants and this will be affected by what sort of mould and what size of mould you use. You must also take into account what dyes you are going to use as well as what fragrance oils. To get the best release from the pillar moulds you should pour at temperatures of between 55 - 65°C, however this will also be influenced by the shape and size of the candle that you are making. Your fragrance oil should be added and mixed just before pouring. If you have trouble with your pour temperature, you can try testing by using a lower or higher temperature in increments of 5 - 10°C. You may also try out pouring into pre heated candle moulds to achieve better properties.

Do I need Double-Pour With KeraSoy Pillar Wax?

KeraSoy Pillar wax has been developed by Kerax to need only a single pour. You may find however that some bigger Pillars may need a top-up to get the best candle surface.You do this by adding a small quantity of wax that is at a higher temperature than that of the original pour. You must top-up the candle before it has fully cooled - if you wait until it is fully cooled, you may find that the top-up does not properly attach to the rest of the pillar candle.

KeraSoy Pillar Wax Candle Cooling And Test Burn

You should cool your KeraSoy Pillar blend candles at room temperature (about 25°C). It is important that you leave your pillar candles undisturbed for at least 48 hours before you begin to test burn. When you test burn your KeraSoya Pillar wax it is important to check your wicking. When you carry out your test burn you are checking on the burn pool diameter and also to see if there is any “mushrooming.” Mushrooming can occur when carbon and/or other substances build up on the end of the wick and as a result it interferes with combustion.This can lead to poor odours and also sooting. During your testing process you should use different wicks to find which one gives you the best burn pool diameter and also a good clean flame.

Physical Properties Of KeraSoy Pillar Wax

  • Congealing Point: 47°C
  • Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt: 8.4
  • Penetration @ 25°C, dmm: 32
  • Melting Point: 60°C
  • Colour: Off White to Pale Cream
  • Typical Use: Pillar

Is KeraSoy Pillar Wax Good For Wax Melts?

Many of our customers only use this wax for wax melts, and will nothing else. Due to it being a pillar blend, it releases perfectly from the moulds, making it very easy to use. It also has a great scent throw.

What is KeraSoy pillar blend wax?

KeraSoy Pillar Blend Wax is a 100% natural wax manufactured by Kerax. It is used mainly for Pillar Candles and Wax Melts.


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