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Do you have a shop we can go to?

We currently do not have any shops for you to visit. We only sell online at this moment in time.


How long will delivery take?

This largely depends on how busy we are, but we aim to have all orders shipped within 24 hours during business days.


Do I receive an invoice for my order?

You will be emailed an invoice once the order has been completed. Please check your spam folder in case it has accidentally been sent there. If you still cannot find one, please email us with your order details.


What do I do if an order is damaged, or I receive the wrong item?

We ask that you report any damaged goods, or incorrect items within 24 hours. Photographs of damaged items will be requested, so please do not dispose of any items. We will then work with you to correct the order.




What is Wick Yield?

Wick yield is the number of metres of raw (unwaxed) wick per kg. 

More material and weight in a wick, means you will get less wick per kg, so the yield is lower.


Do your Wicks contain lead?

None of our wicks should ever contain lead, as it has been banned for years. Our wicks do consist of more than just cotton, as cotton wicks tend to burn too hot. 




Can I return a fragrance or essential oil if I open it and don’t like the smell?

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns for any oils that have been opened. This is due to health and sanitary concerns, and to protect the integrity of our oils. We advise customers to buy a small amount of any fragrance before committing to a large order, to ensure they are happy with the scent.


Will the fragrance smell out of the bottle be the same as the smell when used in the end product?

The smell will be similar, but not as strong. Remember in the bottle the fragrance is 100% concentrate, whereas in the end product it is mixed with lots of other ingredients.


Is it safe to apply fragrance oils directly onto skin?

No it is not safe to do so. Our oils are 100% concentrate so are very strong. They should first be added to a carrier oil or product base.


Where is the best place to store fragrance oils?

We recommend storing them out of direct sunlight. Any cool room is perfect.


Are any of your oils tested on animals?

No. We are big animal lovers here, so we ensure nothing is tested on animals.


What is the shelf life of your fragrance oils?

If stored in the right environment, our fragrance oils can last up to a year.


Are your oils Vegan friendly?

Yes, this is something we pay close attention to.


How much scent/oil do I need to add to a candle?

This depends on the wax and personal preference. As a rule of thumb we recommend between 5-10% of the wax weight. So for 1kg of wax, you would add 50g to 100g of oil. Paraffin wax usually needs less than soy wax.