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How to Make a Container Candle

Making a container candle is one of the easiest candles to make and is also a very popular candle to sell. It is important that before you begin making the candles you have a tidy area that is free from items that could cause cross contamination. 

Items Needed to Make a Container Candle:

  • 1kg Wax
  • Glasses 
  • Wicks
  • Dye
  • Fragrance
  • A stove top or the equivalent to melt the wax 
  • A pan inside a pan or a double boiler
  • A spoon or equivalent for stirring wax
  • Thermometer to measure the temperature of the melted wax
  • Pouring jug
  • A clothes peg or the equivalent 


How to Make a Container Candle:

Read the following steps carefully to ensure your container candle is made correctly. 

  • Step One – Pour all 1kg of your wax out of its container and into your pan or double boiler. Melt the wax at a consistent temperature that is no higher than 85°C. Stir the wax with your spoon or equivalent tool until it has completely melted. 


  • Step Two – During the time that the wax is melting you can clean your glasses to ensure that there is no cross contamination when you pour the wax into them. Once they are dry, you can place the wick into the glass. Dip the wick sustainer into the hot wax first, then place the wick into the center of the glass so that it will stick in place. Use your clothing peg or similar item to hold the top of the wick and make sure it is pulled tight and you can then rest it across the top of the glass. 


  • Step Three – Once your wax is completely melted and it around 70°C, add the coloured bekro candle dye to the wax. Make sure you use your spoon to stir the colour evenly into the wax so that the candle is all the same colour. Stir gently to ensure no air bubbles are formed in the wax. 


  • Step Four – It is now time for you to add your fragrance of choice. Before you add your fragrance oil make sure you have calculated the correct percentage of fragrance you would like to use. Different waxes hold different percentages of fragrance. Generally, you need no more than 10% fragrance oil in a candle. 


  • Step Five – Carefully place all of your wax from the pan into the pouring jug once it is at a temperature of 60°C or less. Slowly use the jug to pour the wax into its final container and make sure no air bubbles formed in the process. Leave one cm between the wax and the rim of the container glass. Put left over wax back into the double boiler as it will be used later on. Place your glass container on a flat surface and leave it for 30 minutes. 


  • Step Six – You will notice that as the wax cools, it also shrinks and holes are formed at the top. This is why you need to reuse the leftover wax. Reheat the wax to the same temperature as it was the first time you poured the wax and use it to fill in the holes. Keep repeating this step until all holes are filled. Your candles will take between 12-24 hours to set before they are good to be used. For optimal fragrance throw, leave them a few days before lighting.