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How to Make a Marble Candle

We at Scents Soaps and Candles like making marble candles. It does not matter if you have many years candle making experience or if you have just started making them as a marble candle is so much fun. You make a marble candle by blending two or more colours and as a result end up with a smokey effect.

Making a Marble Candle:

To get started, you want to follow the normal guidelines for making a container candle as seen below:

  • Step One – First, choose the container that you would like to use for your marble candle. You will then need to measure out the right amount of wax for your container. For the amount of wax refer to measurement and percentages guide. Begin melting the wax. While the wax is melting you will need to wick your container. If new to this you can learn how using our How to Wick a Container or Mould Guide. 
  • Step Two – Now you can melt the wax. Make sure you don’t heat it any higher than 65°C. One the wax is melted you can add your candle dye and fragrance oil. Remember to refer to the temperature guidelines for adding dyes and fragrance flash points for adding a fragrance.  
  • Step Three – Once your wax is at pouring temperature, transfer it into its container. Allow it to cool down for around 45 minutes. Meanwhile, pick out the coloured wax chips that you want to use and melt them. There is no need to add more wax to the chips as the dye is already combined with wax.
  • Step Four – By this stage, your wax should have begun to harden. Obtain a wick pin or something similar and make a few holes around the border of your container. You can make some holes deeper than others. We suggested doing every second hole half the depth of the previous hole. 
  • Step Five – The number of holes you would like to make depends on how much colour you want blending in with the base colour. The larger the amount of holes you have the more colour you are adding. 
  • Step Six – Add a drop of colour dye into each of the holes. It is up to you how many colours you would like to add to your candle. 
  • Step Seven – Now get a hair dryer and melt the wax in the container. Hold the hairdryer near the top of the candle at first, then start to heat all the sides. 
  • Step Eight – The dye will begin to blend in with the wax. You will be able to see the process of the marble effect. 
  • Step Nine – If you would like the colour to further blend with the wax and create more of a pattern, you can turn the container in circles with your hands. 
  • Step Ten – To ensure that the marble effect fully works, we suggest that you leave the candle to set for a minimum of 24 hours before you light it. Remember with this technique, no two candles will turn out exactly the same.