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How to Make a Mosaic Candle

The creation of a mosaic candle is more intricate than that of a regular one and as a result it has a longer completion time. It will take two days to make a mosaic candle. It is recommended that you use a pillar candle wax to make your mosaic candle, however if you do not have that on hand you can also use container wax. The following details will show you the method of making a mosaic candle over two days. 

Day One – Making Your Coloured Wax Cubes 

The method of day one will take you through the steps of how to make your coloured wax cubes 

  • Step One – Place your candle wax in a double boiler to melt it. It is important that you watch the temperature while melting the wax. Use the temperature guidelines to make sure your wax is at the correct temperature, add your candle dye and fragrance oil to the wax. 
  • Step Two – It is important that you grease the tray you are using before you put the wax in to prevent the wax from sticking. This can be done while the wax is still melting or cooling down to a pouring temperature between 55°C to 60°C. The best way to grease your tray is to make a thin layer using a silicone spray lubricant or a non-stick cooking spray. 
  • Step Three – Once the wax has cooled down to the required temperature, pour it into the tray. It is up to you how much wax you pour into the tray depending on how large you would like your mosaic pieces to be. 
  • Step Four – The above steps are to be repeated to make the different coloured mosaic pieces. You can make as many colours as you wish. Personally, here at Scents Soaps and Candles we have found that making three different colours works extremely well. 
  • Step Five – Now that the wax has begun to harden, you can cut the wax into mosaic cube pieces. 
  • Step Six – Leave the wax in the tray overnight to completely harden. 
  • Step Seven – Once the wax is completely hard, turn the tray over and lightly tap on it to allow the cubes of wax to seperate. Any cubes that are still stuck together after this process can be separated by hand.


Day Two – Making Mosaic Candle 

To prepare your container or mould for this candle refer to steps 1 through 4 of our How to Make a Container Candle guide or our How to Make a Pillar Candle guide. If you are using a container adding stearin acid to it before you dye and fragrance and it will allow the wax to set more translucently which then makes the cubes look more noticeable. 

Now the fun part begins! 

  • Step One – Having prepared your container or mould, you can now fill it with your wax cubes. This is your chance to be creative and decide how you would like to organize the coloured cubes. Some ideas are to randomly place the cubes in, to block layer the cubes or to make the cubes appear in a coloured gradient. You can also make designs using the cubes if you want to be even more creative. 
  • Step Two – Once the cubes are in place you can now pour in your over pour wax. You have the option of completely submerging the cubes or leaving some of the cubes slightly visible. 
  • Step Three – The candle now needs to be left to cool down. If you are following the pillar candle guide, it is unlikely you will need to repour any wax into the candle. If you are following the container style guide, some wax may need to be repoured to fill any holes. 
  • Step Four – Allow your candle to completely harden before use. Once it is completely set you are all set to go!