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How to Make a Reed Diffuser

Consumers like a variety of options when shopping for scented items. The perfect addition to make in addition to candles are reed diffusers. A reed diffuser can give off the same exact scent as a candle, but is seen to be a more luxurious alternative. Diffusers are popular as they scent households and spaces without the requirement of being lit. 

Ingredients Needed To Make a Reed Diffuser:


How to Make a Reed Diffuser:

  • Step One – Clean your diffuser bottle container to ensure it is not contaminated. 
  • Step Two –  Once that is complete, weigh out 80g of diffuser base oil into the pouring jug.  
  • Step Three – Measure out 20g of fragrance oil into a pour jug. 
  • Step Four – Gently stir the base and fragrance oil together and ensure that the liquids combine together. 
  • Step Five – Pour the liquid from the jug into your diffuser bottle.
  • Step Six – To make the diffuser safe to ship, add the plug to the neck of your bottle container and then screw on the lid. Package the diffuser with the reeds and you are then ready to ship your reed diffuser. 


If you want a stronger scent you can up slightly the percentage of fragrance oil used but our oils work well at around 17% – 20% The maximum is 25% fragrance oil that can be used, but less is often considered more with fragrance oils. Remember if you use too much oil it will clog your reeds and stop the scent from rising up them. It is important to measure your fragrance oils out in grams as different oils have different weights.