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How to Wick your Container or Mould Candle

How to place the wick for your candle varies depending on whether you are using a container or a mould. 

Using a Mould

Depending on the type of mould you use, you may notice that your need will be on the outside of the mould and don’t need a glue tab to hold it. Instead, they just need to be placed right and pulled taut.

Some moulds require you to wick the candle after it has been made and cooled down. To do so you initially put a wire wick in place of the real wick and switch them out later on. Some moulds have the wire wick built in to them. A wire wick also gives you the option of making a hole in the candle after it has cooled down. 

Using a Container 

When you are using a wick that is already pre-waxed with tabs, all you need to do is choose whether you want to use molten wax or a glue tab to hold the wick in place at the bottom of your container. It is important that you make sure your wick is centered in the container. Once you have done so, you need to use an item like a peg or hair clip to hold the wick in place making sure it is rigid. 

Raw Wick 

If you have raw wicks, the process to wax them is simple. After you have melted the wax and it is free from fragrance or dye, you can place the wick into the wax and remove it again immediately. You need to make sure that it is tightly stretched once it is out of the wax to ensure that no air bubbles are formed in the wax. The wax will take minutes to try and a tab can now be added. It is not required to pre-wax your wick, but it does make the wick look neater.