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Weighing your Candle Fragrance Oil

Weighing out fragrance oils for your candle is important as you want there to be a consistent scent throughout the candle. The one item needed to weigh out the fragrance oils is a sensitive high accuracy digital scale. It is imperative that you use this kind of scale to be able to accurately measure out the oils. You want to have a minimum of 6% fragrance oil and no more than 12% fragrance oil. 

Weighing the Fragrance Oil

  • Obtain a sensitive high accuracy digital scale
  • Weigh out the quantity of wax that you want to melt – for this example use 250g
  • Add a cup to the scales and reset it to zero
  • Carefully pour the required amount of fragrance oil into the cup – if you wanted 7% fragrance for the 250g of wax it would be 17.5g
  • Once your wax is at the correct temperature, pour fragrance oil into it and mix it in 


If you are going to make a large amount of candles at once you need to alter the amount of fragrance so it is relative to the amount of wax. For example:

You decided you are going to make 10 candles and they each need 250g of wax and 7%  fragrance oil.

250g x 10 = 2,500g of wax

2500 x 0.07 = 175g of fragrance oil