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Why Use Soy Wax For Container Candles

We have tested many different types of waxes at Scents Soaps and Candles and one of our favorite waxes is soy wax. When you make container candles with soy wax you will benefit from the extended burn time that they give as well as getting no black soot. One of the reasons that soy wax is so popular is that it is a natural product and today over 50% of all candles sold are soy candles.

Candle makers like to use soy wax to make container candles and tealights, as well as tarts and wax melts. Scents Soaps and Candles sell KeraSoy Container Wax as we have found it to be one of the best performing Soy waxes to make container candles with.

KeraSoy Container wax has an excellent fragrance throw. Most candle makers place a high importance to fragrance throw because it is one of the most important features that customers are looking for. Fragrance throw is how strong the scent of your candle is when you burn it. Some soy waxes do not have as good fragrance throw as that of  paraffin wax but in our tests we have found that KeraSoy Container wax consistently gives a good performance. It is one of our best selling waxes and produces a strong scent when burning it.

How a candle looks is also very important and Soy wax gives a good appearance. Customers can instantly pick out a soy candle by appearance due to the opaque, semi-matte finish. Sometimes a soy wax may result in a slightly bumpy or uneven surface when it has been burnt but some candle makers argue that this actually has become a positive feature as it shows customers that they are are burning a naturally-derived product.

Another big plus of using KeraSoy Container wax is because of how well and easily it sticks to the sides of your containers after the wax has solidified. This is very important for candle makers who like to make container candles in glass containers as you can clearly see how the wax is formed in the glass container.

In some cases frosting can be a slight issue with soy wax. Frosting is when small crystal formations form on the top and sides of the wax. It is purely a visual thing and frosting does not affect the performance of the candle. You will find that most soy waxes will frost a little bit over time, but KeraSoy Container wax is less prone to visible frosting.