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How many candles will 1kg of wax make?

It is commonly asked, ‘how many candles will 1 kg of wax make?’, the answer to this varies depending on the size of your candle containers.

The first thing to remember is that 1kg is the equivalent of 1000g of wax.

When using 20cl candle glasses, 1kg of wax will make a total of 6 candles. Around 166.66g of candle wax will be used per candle. It is important to remember to leave a centimeter gap between the wax and the rim of the container.

1kg of wax will make a total of 4 candles when using 30cl candle glasses. Therefore, you will be using around 250g of wax per candle. Make sure to pour in the wax leaving a centimeter at the top between the wax and the rim.

If you don’t know the size of your container, there is still a way you can work out how much wax to use. Simply fill up your container with water and pour the water into a measuring jug. Write down the ml amount of the water. Now multiply the figure by 0.9. This is the amount of wax you will need in grams.

For example:

I fill up a container with 500 ml of water. 

500 x 0.9 = 450g of wax.


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