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30cl Lucy Frosted Candle Glass

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incl. VAT £2.39 - £175.20






The 30 cl External Frosted Lucy Candle Glass Container is a large sized high quality candle container. Frosted is the external colour of the candle container. It is a strong heat resistant candle glass container that is ideal to be used for large sized candles. Scents Soaps and Candles have a great range of candle waxes, fragrance oils and dyes for you to use to make a candle in your 30 cl Frosted Lucy Candle Glass Container. The glass will hold around 220 grams of candle wax.

What wicks to use:

Soy Wax Paraffin Wax Both Soy and Paraffin Wax
ECO 14 LX 18 TCR 30/18
ECO 16 LX 20 TCR 33/18


The smallest Wick size recommended is for when you are only using Wax. The biggest Wick size recommended is for when you are using Fragrance Oil and/or Dye.Remember that the wicking of your candle will vary with each candle and can alter depending on several different factors. We strongly advise you to test burn each candle to find the right wick size. This can only be achieved by experimenting to get the perfect wick because different temperatures and fragrance oils and dyes can impact the performance of a wick.

Size of Frosted 30 cl Container

Height: 93mm. Diameter 81mm.

A Good Tip

Remember to preheat your frosted candle glass container to around 45°C as this helps to reduce issues with your candle as it solidifies.

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