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KeraWax 4105 Paraffin Blended Container Wax

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incl. VAT £6.24 - £78.00


Blended Container Wax - Kerax 4105

Kerax Blended Container Wax is an eco friendly blend of paraffin and vegetable waxes that was designed by Kerax for use in glass and container candles. Candle makers like this wax as it is so easy to use and combines the scent throw of a paraffin wax and has a rich creamy appearance. Kerax Blended Container Wax is a great wax for candle making beginners because it sets up very fast and also has a low melting point. Another major advantage of this Kerax Blended Container Wax is that it has a very good hot and cold scent throw. Candle makers comment on how good this wax is to make candles with. In tests carried out by Scents Soaps and Candles we have found that this wax consistently performs very well for hot scent throw and also has excellent glass adhesion. This Kerax Blended Container Wax has been formulated for optimum performance with a fragrance addition of between 5 – 10%. It is ideal for luxury high end candles and has a white smooth look. You will find that the wax can contract and so in most cases it will require a second pour for a top-up. However because this is such a good performing wax it is definitely worth the effort due to the excellent scent throw and great finished appearance. Kerax recommend that the wax is poured at between 59-63C and a second pour should be at between 65-70C to achieve the best results.Kerax Blended Container Wax comes as wax beads which makes it so easy to work with. You must remember to trim the wick on the candle to help stop smoking. It is also important to note that Kerax Blended Container Wax is a dense wax and as a result it needs a strong wick for you to achieve a full melt pool. Scents Soaps and Candles recommend that you use one of our LX series wicks for this Kerax Blended Container Wax in order to achieve a clean long lasting burn. It is recommended that you heat up the candle containers to 60C to achieve a better adhesion. Kerax Blended Container Wax has not been tested on animals and it is also Vegan friendly. Physical Properties Of Kerax Blended Container Wax

  • Congealing Point °C: 45
  • Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt: 7.0
  • Penetration @ 25°C, dmm: 90
  • Colour: Pale Cream
  • Typical Use: Container
  • Recommended Wick: Wedo LX Series