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Mountain Air Fragrance Oil

incl. VAT £5.64 - £216.00
incl. VAT £5.64 - £216.00

Mountain Air Fragrance Oil for candles, reed diffusers, wax melts, soaps and room sprays

Candle Use max usage: 10%
Soap Use max usage: 3%
Reed Diffuser Use max usage: 25%
Wax Melts Use max usage: 10%
Room Spray max usage: 5%
Flashpoint   72°C


Scented Living have recreated this Mountain Air Fragrance oil inspired by the well known cleaning scent. Our Mountain Air Fragrance oil has top notes of Pineapple, Lime, Lavender, Parma Violet, Gardenia and Lime with middle notes of Lily, Rose, Iris and Heliotrope and bottom notes of Amber, Orange Blossom and Precious Wood. If you like the smell of the similarly named cleaning scent you will like this Mountain Air Fragrance oil.

Mountain Air Fragrance Oil Product Specification

All of the fragrances that we sell are supplied exclusively by Scented Living and have been designed to ensure they have incredible scent throw. All of the oils are 100% concentrate, and unlike many companies we never dilute them down. Every oil we sell is fully compatible to use with our waxes.

All Scents Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oils are vegan friendly and no product sold by us is ever tested on animals. All our fragrance oils are IFRA & EU Compliant.Regulatory documentation for fragrance oils can be found under the Safety Data Sheet download tab. Please note that fragrance oils are completely synthetic, and they should not be confused with essential oils.

What amount of Mountain Air fragrance oil do I need to add to candles?

There is no simple answer to this, as different people like different things, and no two waxes are the same. Our fragrances have been designed to have the best scent throw possible, using only the highest quality ingredients, meaning compared to many other oils you will be able to use less. We recommend people start off with around 5-8% and then for fragrances that aren’t as strong go up to 10%. The limit we tell people is 12%, if you go any higher you run the risk of the candle sweating or leaching the fragrance, which is something you never want. When starting out it is always best to experiment and see what works best for you. Then once you are happy you can scale up your operation.

Can I use these Mountain Air fragrance oils in reed diffusers?

Yes! We have our fragrances designed to work in reed diffusers, so you don’t need to buy lots of different types of oils, when looking to make different products. When using our fragrance oil with a reed diffuser it is important to mix our fragrance with our Augeo base oil. We suggest using around 20% of fragrance oil to base oil. You should test this and decide how strong you want the fragrance to be. Up to 25% fragrance oil can be used but less is often considered more with fragrance oils. It is important to measure your fragrance oils out in grams as different oils have different weights.

We recommend that you try a small volume first to get the fragrance throw that you need as each oil is different and some have stronger scent throws than others in reed diffusers. Please read our How To Make A Read Diffuser Guide if you are unsure of what to do.

Can I use this Mountain Air fragrance oil in soaps?

We have our fragrances specially formulated so that they can be used in solid soaps. Our safety data sheets will tell you the maximum percentage of each fragrance that you can use when making soap.

We recommend all customers check the CLP Information Notice before purchasing. It lists the chemical composition of the oil, and all cautions you might need to take, including allergies.

Before buying a large amount of our fragrances, many customers first buy a 50ml Tester Bottle. This way they can be sure they are happy with the scent before making a large purchase.


Safety Data Sheets:
Data Sheets & Labels


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