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KeraSoy Container Wax

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KeraSoy Container Wax Information

KeraSoy Container Wax is a blend of soy wax and other natural waxes. It has been specially made for making container candles.This KeraSoy wax blend is ideal to add fragrance oils and also oil soluble dyestuffs. KeraSoy Container blend is very popular with candle makers as it is so easy to use. It is vegan friendly and also biodegradable. The wax contains no animal products and no animal testing has taken place during its manufacture. One of the great advantages of KeraSoy Container Wax is that it requires no additives unless the candle maker wants to add their own fragrance and colour. Another good thing about KeraSoy Container wax is that you can melt down old candles and use the wax again. However you must remember not to heat the wax above 85°C or heat it for too long. Remember that KeraSoy Container Waxes must be kept stored in a dry place that is cool, has no direct sunlight or direct heat and away from moisture.

Containers For KeraSoy Container Wax

When using containers to make your KeraSoy Container wax candles you must make sure that the candle containers are clean and that they do not have any contaminants in them. When using containers for KeraSoy container wax it is important that they are at least at room temperature, but some candle makers prefer to pre-heat their KeraSoy containers to between 45 - 50°C.

Colour/Dyes For KeraSoy Container Wax Candles

The great thing about KeraSoy Container wax is that it is so easy to work with which is why it is used by so many candle makers. You will find that it is compatible with just about all the different types of candle dye. Scents Soaps and Candles have a great range of Bekro candle dyes that work very well with KeraSoy Container wax. However you will find that KeraSoy Container wax is suitable for blocks, liquid dyes, chips and powder dyes as well. It is important to remember that when using powder dyes with KeraSoy Container wax that you must heat the wax up to approx. 75°C before adding the dye. Then make sure that you mix it into the wax until it is dissolved. With powder dyes you can dissolve them in your fragrance oil before adding them both to the melted KeraSoy Container candle wax, However before you add them to the wax you must check that all of the dye has dissolved completely. If you are adding powder dyes that you have dissolved in your fragrance oil as well as chips, liquid dyes, colour blocks heat up the wax to 70°C. You can add a little bit of black to the colour that you are using if you want your candle darker.

Adding Fragrance to KeraSoy Container Wax

You can add fragrance oils up to 10-12% when you are working with KeraSoy container wax. Scents, Soaps and Candles have specially developed fragrance oils that are suitable for natural waxes. Candle makers must remember that burn pool size and depth can alter the fragrance throw and so the correct wicking is very important. You will find that some fragrance oils can react badly with the candle wax and as a result you may experience some bleeding, poor surface finishes and in some cases inferior flame quality. This may in some cases be worse if you use fragrance oils that were formulated to be used in Paraffin wax candles.

Wicking Your KeraSoy Container Wax

When you are working with a natural wax like KeraSoy Container wax, you will find that it needs a bigger wick size than when you are working with paraffin waxes. You must remember that when making container candles with KreaSoy Container wax that the colour, fragrance and candle configuration will have a big part to play when deciding what is the best wick choice. If you use a wick that is too big it may result in sooting, it can also lead to the candle burning much quicker and in some cases you may find that you experience guttering (this when the wax begins to leak through the side of the candle). However if you use a wick that is too little you may find that it causes a much smaller flame and also tunnelling. You must make sure that your wicks are trimmed to ¼ inch. If you find that your candle is not very stable or that you get an inferior flame quality you should use a different type of wick. It is also important to be patient and not burn your candle for forty eight hours after it has been poured.

Melting Your KeraSoy Wax

When melting your KeraSoy Container wax, you can use high temperatures (up to 90°C) for a short period of time and it will not affect the candle wax if you quickly cool the wax back down again. However it is important to not overheat the wax for too long as high temperatures can result in the wax discolouring. You must let your container candle wax cool down to the pour temperature that you want and then mix in the fragrance oil. When you are melting the wax you need to mix the wax when it is melting. Do not use containers that are made of zinc or copper as this can also speed up discolouration. Most candle makers like to use Stainless Steel or in some cases mild steel containers when melting their wax . A great way of keeping a check on the exact temperature of the wax while it is melting is to use a digital temperature probe.

Pouring Your KeraSoy Container Wax

When working with KeraSoy Container wax you will find that pour temperatures may alter depending upon the different sizes and types of mould that you are using. The type of candle dye and fragrance oil that you use can also affect what you want to achieve. If you want the candle to have a greater adhesion to containers that you are using you should pour your wax at temperatures very close to its congealing point (this will be around 45 - 55°C). You must add your fragrance oil and mix it into the wax immediately prior to pouring where practical.If candle makers experience difficulties with their pour temperatures, they can try out a higher or lower temperature in increments of between 5 - 10°C. You may also think about pouring the wax into pre heated containers in order to achieve a better adhesion to candle containers.

Do I need Double-Pour With KeraSoy Container Wax?

When using KeraSoy Container wax for candle making you will normally only need to use a single pour for most containers. If you are using bigger containers you may find that you will need a top-up to get the best candle surface. You do this by adding a small quantity of wax at a slightly higher temperature than the temperature that the wax was originally poured at. You should do this before the candle is fully cooled down because if you wait until it is cool you may find that it does not stick as well to the container.

Tips On Candle Cooling

When you cool your KeraSoy Container candles you must leave them undisturbed at a room temperature of around 25°C. It is important to leave the candles undisturbed for at least 48 hours before test burning them.

What to Look for in KeraSoy Container Wax Test Burn:

It is very important to check the candle wicking. When you test burn your KeraSoy Container wax candle you are checking to see what the burn pool diameter and “mushrooming” is - do not test burn until after the candle has been left to cool for 48 hours. Mushrooming is a term that candle makers use to describe when carbon and/or other substances can be found to build up on the end of the wick. This then causes problems as it can interfere with combustion. It is important to get the correct wick size as mushrooming is responsible for candle sooting and can also result in poor odours. To get this process right, you may need to try different candle wicks in order to find which one gives you the burn pool diameter and clean flame that you want. Physical Properties Of KeraSoy Container Wax

  • Congealing Point: 34°C
  • Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt: 9.7
  • Penetration @ 25°C, dmm: 60
  • Melting Point: 45.5°C
  • Colour: Off White to Pale Cream
  • Typical Use: Container
  • Recommended Wick: Wedo Eco Wick


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